Scint-X - Structured Scintillators


Even though today’s imaging sensors are capable of very high resolution, the resolution and contrast of the x-ray detector system is mainly limited by the scintillator. Scint-X addresses this problem by developing cutting-edge structured scintillators that enable digital x-ray detection systems with unprecedented levels of resolution and contrast.

Higher resolution and double the contrast

Structured scintillators allow for up to 4X higher resolution and double the contrast than what is possible with other scintillator technologies. Below is an x-ray image of a rat's head using a semistructured needle scintillator (left) and a structured scintillator from Scint-X (right). With a structured scintillator, smaller details are sharper and clearer.


Silicon channels the light

Our patented technology and manufacturing process is based on a technique where deep pores are etched in silicon with very high precision, using commercially available silicon processing methods. After oxidization of the pores and filling with scintillating material, the pores act as waveguides, leading light to the right pixel in the imaging sensor, (see illustration below). Any stray light is absorbed by the silicon walls between the pores and will not reach the imaging sensor. This way, the image resolution is dramatically improved.


What's in it for you?

  • Higher resolution
  • Better contrast
  • More mechanically rigid and less sensitive to humidity
  •  A significant development step when existing scintillators limits the sensor resolution capability.