Scint-X - Structured Scintillators


We develop and produce cutting-edge structured scintillators. Partnering with leading manufacturers of x-ray detection systems, we are in the process of transforming digital x-ray detection systems so as to produce images with unprecedented levels of resolution and contrast.

Up to 4x the resolution and double the contrast can be expected - higher than any other scintillator product on the market today. Our products, both our standard and customized lines, are intended for applications where high resolution is vital.Whether working in medical, industrial, scientific or security x-ray, the Scint-X technology has the capability to become the de facto standard in the X-ray market. 

As an innovator and leader in scintillator technology, Scint-x has the capacity not only to function as a strong supply chain partner with our current, advanced product line, but also customize scintillators for a broad range of applications, fitted to your exact requirements. Our goal is to work in as close collaboration with our partner companies as possible. And help you stay ahead of the competition.

Company facts

  • Founded in January 2007 
  • Technology developed and patented at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Company headquarters located in Kista Science City
  • CEO James Quinn



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After the initial product and development phases, Scint-X is now on the treshold to full-on production - and very excited to be so. We hope you join us as we take the next step!

Company Facts

  • Founded in January 2007
  • Technology developed and patented at The Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) in Stockholm.
  • Company headquarters are located in Kista Science City