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The Product

Scint-X offers cutting-edge structured scintillators that enable digital x-ray detectors to produce images with up to 4x the resolution and double the contrast – an unprecedented level of quality. No other scintillator technologies on the market can make the same claim.


Scint-X develops and manufactures scintillator products for x-ray imaging. The products are used in scientific applications, non-destructive testing, intra-oral sensors, as well as in a wide range of other applications.

For Your Business Case

  • Effortless integration
  • Same physical dimensions
  • No electrical interface


Even though today's imaging sensors are capable of very high resolution, the performance of the x-ray detector system is mainly limited by the scintillator. Scint-X addresses this problem by developing cutting-edge scintillator components that enable digital x-ray detection systems with unprecedented levels of resolution and contrast.

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Comparing Scintillators

A scintillator is a material that converts high-energy radiation like x-rays into visible light. This light can then easily be detected by devices like CCD, CMOS or TFT sensors. Scintillator plates convert the oncoming radiation into visible light, which can be captured by an image sensor.

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About the Company

Partnering with leading manufacturers of x-ray detection systems, we are in the process of transforming digital x-ray detection systems so as to produce images with unprecedented levels of resolution and contrast. 

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